My howl means your doom.

Hello and welcome to Howling Beast, the TheFanlistings.Org approved fanlisting (in the Games: Game Characters category) for the summon/aeon/esper Fenrir from the Square-Enix Final Fantasy games. I hope you enjoy your stay and consider joining the listing! What is a fanlisting?

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Angelo Final Fantasy Thief Class Freya Crescent Gabranth (Noah fon Ronsenburg) Griever Ifrit Irvine Kinneas Ivalice Kimahri Ronso Lenne Mydia (Judge Of Wings) Odin Oerba dia Vanille Oerba Yun Fang Shuyin & Lenne Steiner & Beatrix Ward Zabac

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Fenrir © Square-Enix. Graphics by Ash in PSPX4, coding done with Notepad. Images from The FF Wiki. Texture by Joorty.